Zoning & Development Plan Amendments

A Zoning Amendment, or commonly known as a “Rezoning”, is the zone change of a particular property or properties to allow for uses that are not recognized within the current zone of a property or properties. A Zoning Amendment may also include changing the text of the Zoning By-law to alter a specific requirement that may not allow for a specific land use or building.  

The R.M. of Taché Zoning By-law contains a Main Use Table and Accessory Use Table that identifies uses as: Permitted ("P"), Conditional ("C") or Not Permitted ("-") within a specific zone. If a use is neither Permitted or Conditional in a zone, then that use is Not Permitted and a Zoning Amendment will be required.

Complete the application form below, or download the form here and submit to the department by e-mail (to brant@rmtache.ca), dropping it off or mailing it to the R.M. Office.

Disclaimer: Submitting an application prior to the deadline does not guarantee that the application will be on the next public hearing agenda. It is dependent on the number of applications received by the department and if an application requires further documents to be submitted and reviewed prior to being scheduled for a public hearing. Please contact the Planning & Development Department to confirm when an application may be scheduled for public hearing.

50% of the Application Fee ($1,000.00) is required to be paid once the application is complete. Below are the following types of payment accepted:

1.) Cash (Pay at the R.M. Office)

2.) Cheque (Pay at, or mail to, the R.M. Office)

3.) Debit (Pay at the R.M. Office)

4.) E-transfer (Send to reception@rmtache.ca and in the message field write "planning")

An invoice will be mailed to the property owner for the remaining balance ($1,000.00) if the application goes to Public Hearing. Invoices can be paid by any of the payment options above.