Detached Garages & Accessory Structures

A building permit is not required for any buildings/structures less than 108 ft² in area.
All buildings/structures greater than 108 ft² will require a building permit.
Building Permits are issued in approximately 1-3 weeks from the day all required documentation is received.

Required Documents:

1.) Building/Structure Plans, which may be required to include the following:

  • Both, digital & paper copies are required & should be clearly marked/labelled. A large set of plans must also be available on site. 
  • Sealed by a Professional Engineer
    Please note: The sealed date must be within 1 year from date of application and cannot expire prior to the issuance of a building permit.
  • Letters of assurance from Engineer (only if requested)

2.) Building/Structure Site Plan

  • Location of proposed building/structure, including dimensions of the building/structure
  • Distances from all property lines to the proposed building/structure
  • Location of existing buildings/structures, including dimensions of all existing buildings/structures
  • Distance from the proposed building/structure to the existing building/structure on the property (All buildings/structures must maintain a separation of 10 feet minimum from eave to eave)
  • Approximate septic field location (if applicable)
  • Driveway location

3.) Standards for Detached Garages & Accessory Structures
Please note: This form only has to be completed and submitted for any detached structures over 120 sq ft up to 900 sq ft. This form is in addition to the necessary Building/Structure Permit application.

Wood Burning Stoves
As per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Chapter 12 Section 12.2.4 Solid fuel-burning appliances shall not be installed in any garage (attached or detached)

Whether the covered or open deck is attached or detached, a permit is required.
If building an open wood deck than a Checklist for Open Wood Decks must be filled out and accompany your permit application.

For further building inquiries or to obtain a Building and/or Development Permit please contact:

Sheila Paterson - Building Administrative Assistant
204-878-3321 ext 106


Dave Turcotte - Building Inspector
204-878-3321 ext 107

Please allow 48 hours notice for a building inspection.