Community Development Corporation (CDC) Taché

Welcome to the Community Development Corporation (CDC) of Taché page. 

The CDC Taché's Vision, Mission and Values are as follows: 

Vision - Tache CDC promotes diversity and innovation where people choose to live, work and play as a result of its prosperity and in its business, educational and cultural opportunities. 

Mission - The mission of the Tache CDC is to promote an environment in which economic development goals, projects and activities are fostered, guided and encouraged to thrive through the whole municipality. 

Values - Innovation, Leadership, and Collaboration. 

The CDC's Strategic Plan can be found HERE

The CDC's Board of Directors are: 

Denise Collins

Cecil Dumesnil

Allan Rau

Natashia LaPeire

Danielle Serceau 

Brent Beltz

Colleen Jolicoeur