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Secondary Plans

In accordance with the Planning Act, a board or council may, by by-law, adopt a Secondary Plan to deal with objectives and issues within its scope of authority in a part of the planning district or municipality, including, without limitation, any matter:

  • Dealt within the Development Plan By-law;
  • Dealing with subdivision, design, road patterns, building standards or other land use and development matters; or
  • Respecting economic development or the enhancement of special protection of heritage resources or sensitive lands. 

The Municipality is in the process of adopting a Secondary Plan for the Centre of Canada. This Secondary Plan will lay out a long-term vision for development in the area, with specific objectives, policies, and implementation strategies to establish the Centre of Canada area as an essential commercial, industrial and tourist hub within the RM of Taché. Additionally, the Plan will prioritize transportation policies and potential road alignments to plan for upgrades and potentially the future realignment of PR 206 along PTH 1. 

Centre of Canada Secondary Plan Draft (First Reading)