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Fences & Hedges

No permits are required for Fences or Hedges; however, the R.M of Taché Zoning by-law No. 10-2017  regulates specific requirements relating to Fences & Hedges in Section 3, Land Use and Development Provisions. The R.M of Taché Zoning by-law No. 10-2017  can be viewed in the Planning & Development Department Section of this website. 

**Please Note**: 

Fencing and/or landscaping restrictions may apply if a property is subject to terms and conditions of a Development Agreement and/or a Control Design Agreement registered on title which supersedes the R.M of Taché Zoning By-law No. 10-2017 requirements.

• Fences may be built on a property line; however, it is the responsibility of the property owner to accurately locate their property line or to obtain a survey of the property from a Certified Manitoba Land Surveyor prior to erecting the fence;

 • Under NO circumstances shall a fence be constructed outside of any property lines

Please view a printable version of these specs HERE.

For further building inquiries or to obtain a Building and/or Development Permit please contact:

Janice Brooks | Assistant Building Inspector
204-878-3321 Ext. 117 or

Dave Turcotte | Building Inspector
204-878-3321 Ext. 107 or