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Available Credits


There are several property tax credits which you may be eligible to apply for, to assist you with your property taxes.

Education Property Tax Rebate  - please visit website

For 2022, owners of residential and farm properties will receive a 37.5 per cent rebate of the school division special levy payable. This will increase to 50 per cent in 2023. Residential properties include single dwelling units, condos and multiple unit dwellings. For 2022 and 2023, owners of other properties (such as commercial, industrial, railway, institutional, pipelines and designated recreational) will receive a 10 per cent rebate of the total of both the school division special levy and the education support levy payable. 

If you did not receive the EPTCA, but believe that you qualify, please contact our office by emailing or the Manitoba Tax Assistance Office at .

If EPTCA is not received on the current years' property tax bill, the tax credit may be claimed via a personal income tax return.

For more information, visit 


Manitoba Residential Renters Tax Credit. 

Commencing in 2022, the renters Education Property Tax Credit will become the Manitoba Residential Renters Tax Credit. Unlike the Education Property Tax Credit, which will continue to be adjusted as the Education Property Tax Rebate increases, the maximum annual amount of the Renters Credit will be fixed at $525. 


Education Property Tax Credit. - please visit website

Tax credit for homeowners to a maximum of $438 in 2022 ($350 in 2023), and an additional income tested $250 in 2022 ($200 in 2023) for seniors 65 and over. 


Senior's School Tax Rebate - please visit website 

Tax credit for senior homeowners to an income tested maximum of $294 in 2022 ($235 in 2023). 


Homeowner’s School Tax Assistance. 


Tax credit for lower income pensioner homeowners of a maximum $109.38 in 2022 ($87.50 in 2023). 


Farmland School Tax Rebateplease visit website

Tax credit for farmland owners is 50% in 2022 (40% in 2023) of school taxes to a maximum of $3,125 ($2,500 in 2023). 

Riparian Tax Credit please visit website