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Available Credits

There are several property tax credits which you may be eligible to apply for, to assist you in the payment of your property taxes.

Education Property Tax Credit Advance (EPTCA) – please visit website

Most homeowners currently receive this property tax credit directly on their tax statement.  Eligible recipients may receive up to a maximum of $700 as a reduction of their school division taxes.  You are eligible to receive this credit once for your primary residence that you own.  You will not be approved for this credit to display on your tax statement if your home is registered in a corporate name, if you have more than 1 dwelling on your property, or if your mailing address is not local.  If you did not receive the EPTCA, but believe that you qualify, please contact our office or the Manitoba Tax Assistance Office.

Senior's School Tax Rebate - please visit website 

The Senior's School Tax Rebate has changed effective 2016.  The Rebate can be claimed when you file your income tax return. This means that a separate application for the Rebate is no longer necessary. It also means that in future years, you will be able to make retroactive claims for up to three years, but no further back than the 2016 Rebate.

Farmland School Tax Rebateplease visit website

The Manitoba government is offering a rebate of up to 80% of the school taxes levied on your farmland for 2018.  The Farmland School Tax Rebate reduces the net school taxes paid on your farmland.
  • How it works
If you are a Manitoba resident who owns farmland in Manitoba and you paid your 2016 property taxes, you may be eligible for the rebate. The rebate applies only to the school taxes assessed on your farmland and does not apply to residences or buildings.
  • How to apply
If you have previous applied for this credit than a form will be mailed to you annually. You can also download an application form from or pick one up from your local Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) office, Manitoba Agriculture office or Municipal office.
For more information:
Phone: 204.726.7068

Riparian Tax Credit please visit website

The Riparian Tax Credit is designed to encourage farm operators to upgrade their management of lakeshores and river and stream banks and it recognizes those who have already done so.  Please see the website for more details.