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Extreme Temperature Weather Notification:

  • Above normal temperatures are forecast to return to Manitoba starting on Friday this week 21 July 2023;
  • Conditions will be close to or at warning criteria starting as early as Saturday 22 July 2023 for most of the province – the Hudson Bay coast will be spared the hot temperatures;
  • Some models suggest these hot conditions will continue in the north to Wednesday 26 July, and in the south regions to 31 July 2023.

NAEFS Coverage

Probabilistic product for NAEFS

Heat Event Threshold for southern Manitoba: Issued when 2 or more consecutive days of daytime maximum temperatures are expected to reach 32°C or warmer and nighttime minimum temperatures are expected to fall to 16°C or warmer. Or issued when 2 or more consecutive days of humidex values are expected to reach 38 or higher. 

Please see for the public forecast and for alerts in effect.