Road Grading and Gravelling Season

Road Grading 

  • We can prep between 8-10 miles of road per day per grader when blading gravel roads. Average turnaround to grade all our roads under good conditions is 15 working days. 
  • A grader grades 1 mile per hour (Average 4 passes per mile, including intersections)
  • We have 280 miles of gravel road and 80 miles of dirt road to maintain.  

Graveling Season

  • Road graveling starts every Spring, once the Provincial Road Restrictions are lifted. 
  • It takes the RM approximately 15 working days to gravel the entire Municipality.
  • Approximately 30,000 cubic yards of Traffic C spec road gravel is applied to our roads every year at a cost of $600,000 plus. 
  • We use approximately 15-20 trucks to deliver our gravel from local gravel pits.
  • Not every road gets gravel every year, roads are alternated yearly and are based on the need or condition. 
  • We start graveling in the southern portions of the RM because this area is the first area to have the roads firm enough to support the loaded trucks. The Northern and Eastern portion of the RM suffers from frost boils and softer roads, by starting in the south it gives the other areas more time to firm up after the spring melt.  
  • This whole process is very much subject to weather.