Rain Barrel Rebate Program

1. What is the Rain Barrel Rebate Program?
A program designed to conserve our water resources. Available on a first-come, first-served basis to Lorette and Landmark (NEW for 2020) residents, up to a maximum refund of $50.00 per rain barrel. Limit 2 per residence.

2. Why should I purchase and install a rain barrel?

Installing a rain barrel around your home is an affordable, simple way to help conserve water and protect our waters from pollution. Rain barrels provide storage for rainwater coming from your rooftops. Instead of allowing the rainwater to enter our storm drains, rainwater can be used for outdoor watering, including lawn, trees, planters and gardens. This helps to conserve treated water that would otherwise be used for outdoor irrigation.

3. Is rainwater safe to use in my vegetable garden?

Currently there are no formal provincial or federal guidelines regarding water quality for vegetable crops. Until a national standard for rainwater treatment is developed, the personal use of rainwater is at your own risk and discretion.

4. Where can I purchase a rain barrel?

Rain barrels are available at most home and garden centres.

5. What are the qualifications for the Rain Barrel Rebate Program?

The following criteria must be met to receive a rebate:
  • Must have a Lorette or Landmark utility (water bill) account.
  • An original of the receipt of your rain barrel purchase must be included with the application form. The receipt must clearly indicate the name of the store, product name, price and date of purchase. 
  • Rain barrel must be purchased in the same year as refund application.
  • Rain barrel must be new.
  • Maximum of two (2) rebates per residence.
Please note that funding is limited and rebates are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
6. How do I apply for a rebate?
You may pick up an application at the R.M. of Taché Municipal Office at 28007 Mun 52N or 
download application HERE.
7. Do I need a permit to install a rain barrel?
No, you do not need a permit. However, if you live in a condo, you should speak with your condo association for approval to install a rain barrel.
8. How long will it take for my rebate to be processed?
Once the Municipality receives your fully completed application form and receipt, a refund will be mailed to you within 4 - 6 weeks.
9. What happens if my rain barrel breaks?
The Municipality is not held responsible for the quality of the rain barrel and does not provide additional rebates in the case of a rain barrel breaking.