Multi Unit Residential

According to the Zoning By-law, a "Dwelling, multiple-unit", means a building containing three (3) or more dwelling units, each unit designed for and used by one (1) family. Access can be from an interior corridor or direct from the outside of the unit.

When Multi Unit Dwellings are “P” Permitted in a zone according to the Zoning By-law, a Major Development Permit is required. When Multi Unit Dwellings are “C” Conditional in a zone according to the Zoning By-law, a Conditional Use is required. Complete the application form below, or download the form here and submit to the department by e-mail (to [email protected]), dropping it off or mailing it to the R.M. Office.

Disclaimer: Submitting an application prior to the deadline does not guarantee that the application will be on the next public hearing agenda. It is dependent on the number of applications received by the department and if an application requires further documents to be submitted and reviewed prior to being scheduled for a public hearing. Please contact the Planning & Development Department to confirm when an application may be scheduled for public hearing.

Each Multi Unit being proposed are required to pay a Capital Levy Fee for each unit. The rates vary based on the location of the units. See the Dedication/Capital Levy Fee By-law below: 

Dedication/Capital Levy Fee By-law

The Planning Committee is comprised of members of Council and the LUD Committees of Lorette and Landmark. The Planning Committee review applications for Multi Unit Residential creating 10 or more units that requires a Conditional Use Application. They will review the proposals prior to, or after, a formal application has been made.

Note: Every application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and Administration may require an application not listed above to be reviewed by the Planning Committee to provide recommendation to Council.