*NEW* Household Hazardous Waste Depot

The RM of Tache is happy to announce the Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility has been certified as a
Household Hazardous Waste Depot

Household hazardous waste disposal

Household hazardous waste is ANY product discarded from a home that contains volatile chemicals.
These types of products:

  • can ignite and cause a fire
  • are corrosive and can eat away materials and destroy living tissue when contact occurs
  • can be explosive and/or reactive and can release poisonous fumes when exposed to air, water or other chemicals
  • are toxic or poisonous, either immediately or over a long period of time
Where can I properly dispose of household hazardous waste products?

You can dispose of household hazardous waste at

  • Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility ( 48028 Mun 25E )

*  ALL products must be in their original containers. Containers without their original labels, that are leaking, or are improperly sealed are not accepted.
**Containers used to transport hazardous liquids will NOT be returned to you. (ex. gas cans)

Hazardous waste should NEVER:
  • be placed out for recycling/garbage collection
  • be dumped in sewers, drains or open bodies of water
  • be buried in the ground
  • be burned
  • be disposed of in landfills
Improper disposal of leftover hazardous waste products can:
  • cause harmful chemicals to enter the environment and contaminate our land and water.
  • cause long-term health problems or seriously injure you, recycling/garbage collectors and landfill operators.
  • damage the sewer in your home and the City's sewer system.
Examples of accepted household hazardous waste products:
  • aerosol cans
  • antifreeze (radiator fluid)
  • automotive batteries
  • bleach
  • barbeque and camping fuel
  • compressed gas cylinders/propane tanks
  • compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • Florescent tubes
  • gasoline
    • max. 25L
  • household cleaners and disinfectants (toilet, oven or drain)
  • herbicides (weed killers)
  • insect repellent
  • pesticides/insecticides (rodent and insect killers)
  • paintbrush cleaners/solvents
  • empty paint cans
  • interior or exterior latex and oil-based paints (oil-based/alkyd)
    • Max. paint container 25L
  • disposal of regular garbage items that need special handling
  • swimming and hot tub cleaners
  • varnish remover
  • used oil products

For any questions regarding the program please call Lorette Solid Waste Management Facility at 204-878-2799