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Variance Orders


What is a Variance Order?

A Variance Order is required to provide specific relief from provisions restricting minimum yards, building height, lot coverage, building floor space, site area, site width, land use, dwelling unit density or parking requirements within a specific zone. 

What is a Minor Variance Order?

A Minor Variance Order is a Variance which allows to vary the minimum or maximum requirements of a zone within the bulk use table by no more than 15 percent. Any Variance that exceeds 15 percent of the minimum or maximum requires must apply for a Major Variance Order which is reviewed by Council at the Regular Development & Planning Meetings (Public Hearing). 

How do I know if I need a Variance Order?

The R.M. of Taché Zoning By-law contains a Bulk Use Requirement Table for every zone that contains the minimum or maximum requirements. 

Please see Table 4-4 Residential Bulk Use Table from the Zoning By-law as an example:

To view all Bulk Use Tables click here to view them in the Zoning By-law

How do I apply for a Variance Order?

To apply for a Variance Order, please contact one of the Planning & Development Officers listed below:

Janice Desmarais | Planning & Development Officer
204-878-3321 Ext. 111 or [email protected]

Ellen Enns | Planning & Development Officer
204-878-3321 Ext. 116 or [email protected]