Rural Municipality of Taché


Landmark Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System Project
September 4, 2018
Landmark Water Treatment Plant And Distribution System Project

The RM of Taché is pleased to announce that the construction of a new Water Treatment Plant in the town of Landmark has begun. 

The RM of Taché would like to assure all residents, parents, children, and school staff that "Safety” is our utmost concern during this project.
At our pre construction meeting all trades were given instructions on accessing the construction site during dry weather and during wet weather. During dry weather they are to enter the site off Robert Koop Road just to the East of 4th Street East and go across the field (Schinkel property). During wet weather the field access is not an option until freeze up, so they are to enter from Main Street at Richardson Pioneer along 1st Ave North which turns into 2nd Street East, and then turn left into the site, and Penner Drive (Gravel Street) is not to be used at all.

During the water main installation we do not have the option of staying out of the school zones (frontage) but we will continue to strive to keep the streets as clean as possible, passable and safe.
The anticipated completion date for the Water Treatment Plant and water main upgrades at this time is the fall of 2019.
The Municipality would like to thank residents for their patience and cooperation.