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Secondary Plans

In accordance with the Planning Act, a board or council may, by by-law, adopt a Secondary Plan to deal with objectives and issues within its scope of authority in a part of the planning district or municipality, including, without limitation, any matter:

  • Dealt within the Development Plan By-law;
  • Dealing with subdivision, design, road patterns, building standards or other land use and development matters; or
  • Respecting economic development or the enhancement of special protection of heritage resources or sensitive lands. 

 Landmark Planning & Design has been retained by the Municipality to develop a Secondary Plan for the Northwest Area of Lorette. The Secondary Plan will provide a policy framework that will help manage growth and guide development in the area for years to come. 

Why a Secondary Plan?

Lorette is facing increased development pressure for the Northwest Area as it is situated North of the main street and the High School - an identified central community node. The Development Plan references the proposed placement of a collector road, extension of Laramee Drive and the potential twinning of PR 207, signifying that development of this area is essential for the next phase of Town growth. The expansion of Lorette should be contiguous with the existing built up area and serve as a center for the surrounding region offering a variety of housing and employment options. 

 To view the draft Secondary Plan click below: