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To Appear Before Council
Regular Development & Planning Meetings are held in the R.M. of Taché Council Chamber (28007 MUN 52N) on the third Tuesday of each month. Please contact the Planning & Development Officers for application deadlines as Public Hearing Notices to surrounding properties are required to be mailed 2 weeks prior to the Public Hearing as regulated in the Planning Act.

The following Applications/Public Hearing(s) have been scheduled for the upcoming Regular Development & Planning Meeting. To view the proposal please click on the link shown below:
October 15th, 2019 Development & Planning Meeting (7:00 pm)
CU 34-19; Melanie Gamache Click here to open
VO 35-19; Terry Hunter Click here to open
CU 19-19; Kadee Mozdzen-Scovil/Twin Pines Canine Click here to open
Subdivision File No. 4194-19-8164 & VO 36-19; David Dumont & Tracy Illchuk Click here to open
Subdivision File No. 4194-19-8192; Sunny & Joyce Korman Click here to open
By-law No. 11-2019; Lorette Northwest Secondary Plan