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Secondary Suites
The R.M. of Taché Zoning By-law now regulates and permits Secondary Suites as an Accessory Conditional Use in the majority of zones. See Table 3-5 Accessory Use, Building or Structure Table of the Zoning By-law to determine if Secondary Suites are allowed through a Conditional Use on your property.
"Secondary Suite" means a self-contained accessory dwelling unit located either within a permanent, detached, single-unit dwelling, or in an accessory building, on a single zoning site. A secondary suite contains a single housekeeping unit and has its own separate access, cooking, sleeping and sanitary facilities which are separate from and not shared with those of the principal dwelling. This use does not include two-unit or multiple-unit dwellings.
See Section 3.2.6(4) Secondary Suites and Table 3-5 Accessory Use, Building or Structure Table in Zoning By-law 10. 10-2017 for use specific standards. 
Download the Municipal Planning Guidelines for Secondary Suites for more information on
Secondary Suites in Manitoba: