Rural Municipality of Taché

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Water & Sewer Services
The Rural Municipality of Tache has 2 water & sewer utility districts within its borders.  The systems are managed and operated by the RM of Tache, but as with all utility systems in the Province of Manitoba, the Lorette and Landmark utility systems are regulated by the Public Utilities Board of Manitoba.
The Landmark Utility District shares the same boundaries as the Local Urban District of Landmark.
The Lorette Utility District varies from the boundaries of the Local Urban District of Lorette.
Water & Sewer bills for both districts are calculated quarterly and are mailed out every January, April, July, October with the due date being the last day of the following month.
If you are serviced by municipal water, sewer or both and do not receive a bill every 3 months, you should contact the R.M. of Taché Municipal office at (204) 878-3321 ext 101 to avoid outstanding balances and penalties.  Penalties are assessed at a rate of 1.25% immediately following the due date, and on the first day of each consecutive month until paid in full.
Purchasing or Selling?
If you have recently purchased or sold your property, please contact our office to finalize your account, or to open a new account.  If you are a water customer, prior to vacating your premises - please provide us with a final water meter reading. If you are not able to provide a reading, please contact us to arrange for a meter reading to be done. We will also require your new forwarding address so we can send you your final billing.
You may notify us of these changes by registering an E-Service Request, or by calling 204-878-3321 ext 101.
New!!! - E-Send
We are happy to announce a new feature that is being introduced in the month of January 2016.  E-Send enables us to send your Water & Sewer Utility bill to you directly via email.  For more information on this feature, please click HERE.