Rural Municipality of Taché

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Dog Licensing & Services
Licensing your dog
Please ensure your dog(s) are licensed each and every January 1st. Licensing your dog(s) assists with the safe and prompt return of your dog(s) in the event of impoundment and reduces the costs assessed to you associated with same and subsequent redemption.
Dog licenses are available through the municipal office during regular business hours.
Fee Schedule
  • Neutered male dog or spayed female dog -$10.00 per license
  • Non neutered male dog of non spayed female dog - $25.00 per license
  • Change of dog ownership - license transfer -$ 2.00
  • Tag replacement -$ 5.00
The Municipality currently contracts the services of Prairie By-law Enforcement for dog control matters.
Please contact them directly with concerns and/or complaints at 204-809-3231